Simply, We make Incredible Written Content into Amazing Audio.

Sam T Leslie started the concept when he didn’t have enough time to consume all the written blogs, articles, and emails he wanted to, so he started Podcasting them. He knew that writers and listeners would benefit from the exposure. 

Sam and Bridget have 5 wild children and are willing participants in this venture to help great writers get more exposure to the listening audience.

If you are a writer or just know of some great written stuff, send it on over and maybe it’ll get on the Podcast. That would be awesome.

But, if we can’t get it on the podcast, then we can help you produce it into a podcast or audio book for yourself.  

This is what we do:

1. We read great material on our Podcast–ReallyGoodReads

2. We feature books on the ReallyGoodReads Book Edition Podcast that last 8 weeks long each (take advantage of the New and Noteworthy Promo Section)

3. We produce your written content into audio for your use (upload it to Audible, Audiobooks, Amazon, or sell it on your site, we don’t care–just put it out there!)

4. We produce and develop your book, blog, articles, or emails into a Podcast from start to beginning (you’ve already done the work–let us make it a Podcast)

Anyway, we love great writers and think they don’t get enough exposure. So signup for our weekly newsletter featuring the writers we read on the podcast.  Then, submit your written material or URL to read@reallygoodreads.co to be considered for the ReallyGood Reads Podcast.  You will be joining great writers like those below:


Ace Chapman, Expert in Business acquisitions and author of The Ace Formula

AJ and Jordan Harbinger, TheArtofCharm.com and The Art of Charm Podcast

Jon Nastor, HacktheEntrepreneur.com and Hack the Entrepreneur Podcast

Conrad Wadowski, UseFedora.com


Thanks, and keep writing ReallyGoodReads!




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